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China’s refined aluminum demand in the first half of this year rose 9.6% year on year to 17.5 million mt, on support from the real estate, power network and car sectors, state-owned nonferrous metals information division Antaike said in its aluminum sector rep...Full Article

China Spot Alumina Firms Further by Yuan 30/Mt to Yuan 2,680/Mt

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The Chilean government rejected on Monday a controversial $2.5-billion copper and iron project proposed by privately-held Andes Iron, though the company vowed to appeal.Chile's Ministers' Committee, a gathering of high-ranking political officials who d...Full Article
Data & Statistics on Chinese Nickel and Stainless Steel

The report is to help our customers to obtain information quickly, timely and accurately, and help drive the business decisions of all participants in Chinese Nickel, FeNi and stainless steel industries.

Key data & statistics in this research include:

-- Current production, sales volume, and exports by Chinese stainless steel enterprises in each month;

-- Raw material availability and balances for stainless steel by major stainless steel makers;

-- Laterite-nickel ore stocks at Chinese major ports each month;

-- Chinese FeNi production by regions in each month;

-- Usage of Laterite-nickel ore

View a sample in PDF:
Data & Statistics on Chinese Nickel and Stainless Steel

More Industrial Statistics
-- China's Major Stainless Steel Output
-- Stainless Steel Inventory in Major Markets
-- China Stainless Steel Import Data
-- China Stainless Steel Export Data
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Research Report on Chinese Stainless Steel Demand

The research will help our customers to have a better understanding of Chinese stainless steel industries, so as to make accurate judgments on their business movements in the future.
This research report includes:
-- Introduction of Each Region of China
-- Exploration on Stainless Steel Demand in Each Region of China
-- Overview of Stainless Steel Demand by Regions
-- Overview of Stainless Steel Demand by Downstream Industries

-- Overview of Stainless Steel Demand by Varieties

Covering  six major markets in China:
--  North China --  Northeast China  -- East China

--  South China --  Southwest China --  Central China

View a sample in PDF:

Research  Report on Chinese Stainless Steel Demand-Jiangxi Province
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