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Fight over Rio's Mines Means Coal Isn't Dead; Ada...

Here's a question for the anti-coal lobby. If coal is dying, how come there is an increasingly heated bidding war going on for Rio Tinto's coal mines in Australia?Here's another question, this time for the pro-coal lobby. If coal still has a viable l...Full Article

Coal Prices: Prepare for Another Rally

Thermal coal prices could see another steep rally this fall and winter if China decides to increase checks on seaborne coal arrivals.According to Platts, senior officials at China's General Administration of Customs agency are meeting Tuesday to disc...Full Article

Atlantic Metallurgical Coal: US Low-Vol Deficit to...

The Atlantic metallurgical coal market on Friday saw US low-vol prices narrow their discount to high-vol A grades, as low-vol and mid-vol Australian coal won support on higher Chinese spot demand.S&P Global Platts assessed US low-vol $2 higher at...Full Article
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