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China Taiwan 2016 Thermal Coal Imports down 2% on ...

Taiwan imported 65.32 million mt of thermal coal in 2016, down 2% on the year to the lowest annual volume since 2012, as shipments from Indonesia and Russia dropped, customs data showed Wednesday.Of the total, 64.08 million mt was bituminous coal an...Full Article

Mongolian Coal Miners Bet on One Belt, One Road to...

Coal miners operating in Mongolia are betting on China's massive 'One Belt, One Road' program to improve access to existing markets in China and Russia and enter new ones as far afield as Eastern Europe.Although Chinese demand for coking coal, or met...Full Article

India's Coal Ministry to Divert Thermal Coal to St...

India's Ministry of Coal will increase availability of coal for steel mills by an estimated 20 million mt per year by diverting thermal coal supplies to washeries and making the dry fuel suitable for steel production, an Indian steel ministry official said ...Full Article
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