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Custeel Services

Online Service



Subscription Packages

Subscription Item for Online Service

Subscription Period-12 Months

Standard Price

Package Price

Raw Materials

Iron Ore Channel

US$ 2,000

Package 1: US$ 3,000
Six channels under raw materials

Package 2: US$ 4,000
Thirteen channels under raw materials & carbon steel; plus stainless steel channel

Package 3: US$ 4,500
Full access to all fifteen channels

Ferroalloy Channel

US$ 1,200

Coal & Coke Channel

US$ 1,000

Billet Channel

US$ 800

Scrap Channel

US$ 800

Pig Iron Channel

US$ 600

Carbon Steel

HR & CR Channel

US$ 1,500
Seven channels under carbon steel

Wire Rod & Rebar Channel

Plates Channel

Coated & Plated Channel

Pipe & Tube Channel

Strip Channel

Section Channel

Stainless Steel Channel

US$ 1,000

Base Metals Channel

US$ 800


Custeel Index

Iron Ore

US$ 1500


Steel Production Cost

US$ 800


US$ 800


Custeel Bank Info

Payments should be made clearly stating the Purpose of Remittance is"Subscription Fee":
All banking charges are for the account of Subscriber.

Intermediary Bank JPMorgan Chase Bank. N. A. New York   Account Bank

Bank of Communications, Beijing Branch, Tuanjiehu Sub-Branch

(Company Name)
BEIJING CUSTEEL E-COMMERCE CO., LTD. Account Number 110060744018010009570
Company Address 23/F, New Poly Plaza , No.1 North St. , Dongcheng District, Beijing , 100010, P.R. China Bank Address

Bldg.6,Tuanjiehu Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China