AU PB F(Fe61.5) 84 - | BR SFCJ(Fe66) 93 - | CL F(Fe63.5) 83 - | IN F(Fe63.5) 85 - | IR F(Fe60) 62 -| MAS F(Fe58) 67 - | RUS P(Fe65) 115 - | RSA F(Fe65) 89 -
US$ 1=RMB6.1450Sep 18, 2014 Thursday
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China: 2014 to Be a Peak Year for Steel Exports

UMETAL-CHINA, Chinese steel exports are to peak in the current year, with both volume and growth rate to hit a historical high.

Steelmakers are reinforcing investment and merger overseas. Baosteel Group and Hebei Iron and Steel Group have successively accelerated investment and built production bases abroad. Many insiders noted at a Chinese steel technique economy high-end forum that industrial integration and combination had kicked off and a fair and reasonable market ...Full Article

BF Operating Rate in Tangshan Slightly ...

UMETAL-CHINA, According to the latest research done by Umetal among 148 blast furnaces in Tangshan area, 8 of the bla...Full Article

Umetal: S. African Mn Ore Suppliers Find...

UMETAL-CHINA, According to the news from S. African ferroalloy conference, CEO of UMK indicated that durin...Full Article

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China: Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel No....

UMETAL-CHINA, The installment of the No. 1 blast furnace shell entered the last phase at Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Project.

Reportedly, the top of the...Full Article

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