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Custeel Starts to Publish Iron Ore Concentrate Output

UMETAL-CHINA, Combining the advantages with both sides, Custeel and Metallurgical Mines' Association of China (MMAC) have begun to monitor China’s iron concentrates output since the beginning of 2016, which aimed to provide a more practical indicator for domestic iron ore supply to iron and steel industries. The output statistics will be released on Custeel and MMAC simultaneously on the 15Full Article

BF Operating Rate in Tangshan Slumps...

UMETAL-CHINA, According to the latest research done by Umetal among 164 blast furnaces in Tangshan area, 34 of the bl...Full Article

Chinese Mining Enterprises Plan to Initi...

UMETAL-CHINA, On Jul 25, Metallurgical Mines' Association of China (MMAC) planned to request Commerce Ministry of Chi...Full Article

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Anhui: Steel Industry Turned int...

UMETAL-CHINA, Zhang Shaochun, director of Anhui’s SDRC, gave a report on a meeting about Anhui’s economy and social development of H1 in 2016 and admini...Full Article

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