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US$ 1=RMB6.1384Jan 26, 2015 Monday
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Umetal: Chinese Crude Steel Output Climbs in Dec 2014

UMETAL-CHINA, According to State Statistics Bureau, Chinese crude steel daily output in December 2014 turned to be 2.1954 million tonnes, rising 41% MoM. The crude steel output in December totaled 68.09 million tonnes, rising 1.5% MoM.

In the whole year of 2014, China produced 822.70 million tonnes of crude steel, which was 0.9% more than that in last year. During the same pe...Full Article

BF Operating Rate in Tangshan Downs in t...

UMETAL-CHINA, According to the latest research done by Umetal among 159 blast furnaces in Tangshan area, 14 of the bl...Full Article

BF Operating Rate in Tangshan Lifts in t...

UMETAL-CHINA, According to the latest research done by Umetal among 159 blast furnaces in Tangshan area, 9 of the bla...Full Article

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China: Shandong Steel to Gain Opera...

UMETAL-CHINA, According to Shandong Iron and Steel Group, Shandong Steel was predicted to achieve the operation revenue of RMB118-Bln in 2014, which makes ov...Full Article

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