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A Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China

The Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China helps you:

1. Analyze current capacity, competitors and market opportunities;

2. Identify geographical undersupply or overproduction on a products by product basis;

3. Gain a solid foundation for China iron ore mining cost;

4. Obtain an insight into factors driving the iron ore mining...Full Details

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UMETAL EXPRESS Trading Signals on Iron Ore on Sep 12, 2017

Exclusive Report-Trading Signals/Buy & Sell on Iron Ore

US$ 1=RMB 6.5277

On Sep 12, 2017 (To be continued)

COREX Iron Ore Trade Data on Sep 12, 2017





Newman fines


GlobalORE Iron Ore Trade Data on Sep 12, 2017



Price (US$/dmt)



Platts +1.95


PB lumps

Premium 0.4000/dmtu

China's Report of Imported Iron Ore Transaction on Sep 12, 2017


Spot Cargo

Price (RMB/tonne)

61.5%-Fe PB fines



56.5%-Fe SSF



61.5%-Fe PB fines



61.8%-Fe Brazilian lumps



61.3%-Fe MAC fines



62.5%-Fe BRBF



56.5%-Fe SSF



Umetal Brief:

Spot market morning offers of traders generally held stable this morning. Partial traders lifted their quotations by RMB5/tonne for some mainstream resources supported by brisk enquiries from spot market in the morning. Most traders have desire to deliver cargos and their quotations are negotiable. Purchasing desire of steel mills is largely influenced by the cargo shipment of steel products and they are not eager to purchases iron ore fines, while they pay high attention to iron ore lumps.

Iron ore spot market sees fair performance and traders have desire to raise the prices under cost pressures. Iron ore futures show continuous fluctuations and traders hold wait-and-see attitude. Iron ore fines transactions have kept flat since the beginning of the week, specifically, the transaction volume of Jimblebar and MAC fines witness weak performance. Price gap between SSF and FB fines falls obvious as steel mills� demand for FB fines is unfavorable, which results in the rapid decline of prices. Traders expressed that iron ore prices might rebound supported by the demand in the following days and they are not eager to deliver cargos. Many steel mills said that it’s still early to replenish their stocks and would make purchases based on their own demand in the short term.

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Market Indicators
Foreign Quote | Spot Price | Domestic Iron Ore | Freight Rate
Spec. Fe% CFR ($/T) POL
PB fines 61.5 69.7 Dampier
PB lumps 62 76.9 Dampier
SFCJ 65 85.9 Tubarao
HIYF 58 45.6 Dampier
Imported VS. Domestic Ore
62.5% Newman 66% domestic concentrates at Tangshan Price Gap
583 615 -32
Remark: DMT, tax included, deliver to mills in cash.
Port Stocks
Region 2017-12-08 7-day Change
Total 140.31 1.44
Australia 65.93 0.15
Brazil 33.20 0.07
Trading 73.35 1.78
Remark: million tonnes.
Domestic Iron Ore
Dry Shipping
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