The “International Steel & Minerals Conference 2017" is to be hosted by Custeel and Anyang Iron & Steel Group and co-organized by Umetal at Sheraton Grand Hotel in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, during Jun 21-23, 2017.

China’s economy was off to a good start in the first quarter of 2017 with global recovering economic vitality. With the implementation of eliminating excessive capacity, de-stocking and deleveraging, the supply-side reform has continued getting results. Industrial capacity utilization kept moving up, economic performance improved remarkably, iron and steel industries saw recovered profitability and prices of ferrous metals such as iron ore once approached 3 years’ high.

IMF released its outlook for world economy for the first time in the past 6 years with a long-awaited cyclical recovery, however, the trade friction and uncertainties may curb the upside momentum. China continues implementing the supply-side reform, boosting transform, intensifying financial regulation and preventing systematic risk.

It's a growing controversy whether China’s economy has entered a new cycle or touched the peak. What will Chinese government do to balance its tightening liquidity with the steady economic growth? Will the new round of regulation on property market impact macro economy? How do the One Belt, One Road initiative influence Chinese and global economic pattern? How do the steel industry chain enterprises react on the strengthening industry financialisation and the emerging of OTC option? Will ferrous metal price enter a downtrend again after the fast decline in Q2? Will the supply structure of iron ore see remarkable change? Will domestic iron ore mines continue to resume production on price vibration? Will the fast increase of global crude steel production reverse global iron ore supply and demand pattern? How do the steel scrap market pattern changes after the elimination of inferior steel? Will steel demand beat expectation on marked decline in export and regulation on property market? 

The International Steel and Minerals Conference has been held for 10 sessions in a row and has become an annual highlighted conference in iron and steel industry, linking global and China’s domestic market participants as a bridge and dedicated in boosting iron and steel industry development.

International Steel and Minerals Conference 2017 under the theme of Bide Your Time to Revive will bring industry participants together and boost a win-win proposition for global and China’s business-focusing on market discussion, workshop training, policy interpreting and business communication.

The cradle of Chinese civilization, Zhengzhou, Henan province was an important birthplace of the Chinese ancestors. Located at the throat of China, Henan is the birthplace of Chinese Civilization along with the Yellow River, originating Chinese merchants in history.

Looking forward to your presence at the International Steel and Minerals Conference 2017!