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China Steel Raw Materials & Fuels Summit 2016

Under the combined supervision of China Iron & Steel Association (CISA), Custeel and Shougang Group are going to hold "China Steel Raw Materials & Fuels Summit 2016" in Beijing, on Nov 2-Nov 4, 2016. The summit is co-organized by Dalian Commodity Exchange, Umetal and Esteel, with 600 expected attendances. Custeel is looking forward to your presence.
Global politicians have used all their lures to save the market since the crisis occurred, while the effect is not obvious. Political and economic problems like market vagaries, currency depreciation, Brexit and political fission interlace with each other. Political and economic whirlpools and contradiction intensification....[more]
(Preliminary, subject to the actual situation)
Day 1: Nov 2, 2016 Registration & Forum
10:00 - 22:00 Registration   Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Beijing

Forum 1:  Straits Financial
Development of Derivatives and Option Market
----Tan Say Liang, President of Commodities, Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Option Application in Spot and Futures Market Players
----Yu Yuanbo, Senior Option Trader, Mercuria Energy Trading Co., Ltd.
Option Market Operation and Trading Strategy
----Wang Qiang, Director of Derivatives, Grand Resources Group Co., LTD (G.R.G.)
Option Quotation and Real Operation
----Zhang Haiqian, Manager of Shanghai Branch, Straits Financial
----Theodore Goulios, Senior Broker of Singapore Branch, Straits Financial

Forum 2:  Financial Derivatives
Optimization and Risk Management Mode of Futures Trading
----To be Advised, Famous Futures Institution
Differentiation and Application of Derivatives
----To be Advised, Famous Exchange Institution
Forum 3: Commodity Research
Outline of Ferrous Product Research and Development in 2017
----Li Yaozhong, Director of Commodities, Beijing Lerui Asset Management Co., Ltd
Iron Ore Research Methodology and Mid to Long-term Outlook
----Shao Yuhan, Iron Ore Senior Analyst, Oldendorff Carriers
Core Logic of Soaring Coal & Coke Prices and Future Trend
----To be Advised, International Trading Company
Forum 4: Marine Logistics
Global Shipping Market Situation and Development
----Wang Chengyu, General Manager of Shanghai Branch, Clarksons
Forum 5: Currency and Exchange Rate
Global Currency Policy, Exchange Rate and Investment Direction
----Yao Shaohua, Senior Economist, Hang Seng Bank
Forum 6: E-Commerce
Iron Ore Market Trend and E-commerce Trading
----To be Advised, E-steel
To be Advised
Forum 7: Shougang Group Exchange Meeting (By Invitation Only)
Day 2: Nov 3, 2016 Macro-economy and Industry
08:30-08:45 Opening Address
----Xu Shishuai, President of Custeel and Deputy General Manager of Angang Steel Company Limited (Ansteel)
----Zhao Minge, Deputy General Manager, Shougang Group
----Wang Fenghai, General Manager, Dalian Commodity Exchange
  Market Analysis
08:45-09:15 China Steel Industry Analysis Under De-capacity and International Market Outlook
----Wang Liqun, Vice Chairman, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
★  Steel Industry Development Characteristics and Contradictions
★  Industry Policy and De-capacity Problems
★  Market Trend and Internationalization
★  China Steel Companies’ Development under Trade Protectionism
★  Steel Market Outlook in 2017
09:15-10:00 Investment Opportunity under New Economic, Financial Situation and Reform
----Li Xunlei, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Haitong Securities Co., Ltd.
★  China Political and Economic Situation
★  Interpretation of Financial and Monetary Policies
★  Future Outlook of China Stock and Real Estate Market
★  Discussion on Population Policy and Community Economy
★  Analysis on the Development of Supply-side Reform
★  Investment Opportunity under Global Economic Situation
  Industry Interpretation
10:00-10:25 Discussion on Steel Company Operation and Purchasing Mode
----Ma Jinfang, Vice General Manager, Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.
★  Steel Company Development and Problem
★  SOEs’ De-capacity Way and Strategy
★  Relationship Between E-commerce and Marketing
★  Bulk Raw Material Purchasing Mode and Innovation
★  Discussion on Iron Ore Pricing Model Changes
★  Analysis on Enterprise Competitiveness
10:25-10:45 New Trend of Steel Industry Merger and Reorganization under Supply-side Reform
----Wang Yidong, General Manager, Ansteel Group Corporation
★  New challenges and Problems of Current Steel Industry
★  Relationship Between Merger & Reorganization and New-pattern Industrial Ecological Chain
★  Current Situation and Driving Force of Supply-side Reform
★  What Lesson Could China Steel Companies Draw from Oversea Enterprises
★  Positioning of Steel Enterprises under Regional Economy and Internationalism
★  Future Development Mode for Steel Companies
10:45-11:15 How will Iron Ore Pricing Develop Against the Backdrop of Production Expansion?
---- Antony Priddy, Senior Manager, FMG
★  Production Expansion of Global Iron Ore Giants and Oversupply Problem
★  Discussion on Iron Ore Pricing Mechanism
★  Iron Ore Supply-Demand from the Prospective of Miners
★  The Advantages of FMG and Future Development
11:15-11:45 The Survival Situation and Future Development of China Miners
---- Lei Pingxi, Executive Vice President, Metallurgical Mines Association of China (MMAC)
★  Current Survival Situation of Domestic Miners
★  Decline Limit of Domestic Ore Cost
★  Domestic Ore Potentialities
★  How to Break Through Current Difficulties?
  Expert View
14:00 -14:25 Ferrous Metals Development Cycle and Opportunity
----Liu Yuanrui, Vice Chairman, Changjiang Securities & Director, Research Institute
★  Analysis on Iron Ore and other Ferrous Metals Operational Cycle
★  Bulk Commodities Operational Logic and Methodology
★  Fallacy and Paradox of Current Futures Market
★  Analysis on Financial Commodities Trend in 2017
14:25 -14:50 How to Grasp the Opportunity in Iron Ore Trade?
----Qin Liang, Chairman, Morebro Pte Ltd
★  Essence of International Trade and Its Era Characteristics
★  How to Conjunct Iron Ore Trade and Profit Model?
★  Dialectical Relationship Between Derivative Instruments and Spot Resources
★  The Essentials of Traders’ Survival and Development
★  Practice and Application of Ferrous Commodity Investment
14:50 -15:15 Iron Ore Financialization and Internationalized Industrial Upgrade
----Wang Shumei, Director Assistant, Industrial Products Business Division, Dalian Commodity Exchange
★  New Development Trend of Iron Ore Futures
★  Iron Ore Futures’ Road to Internationalization
★  How to Use Futures Effectively
★  Iron Ore Financialization and Industrial Upgrade
  Panel Dialogue
15:15 -16:05 First Tier Enterprises
----Steel Producers, Iron Ore Traders
★  Enterprise Operation and Risk Control
★  Merger & Restructuring and De-Capacity
★  How to Use Derivative Instruments
★  Iron Ore Supply and Demand in 2017
★  Change in Iron Ore Trade Pattern
16:05 -17:00 Iron Ore Mining Companies
----Mining Companies from China and Abroad
★  Development of Emerging Mining Companies
★  Evolution of Iron Ore Cost Curve
★  Iron Ore Pricing
★  Development Trend of Iron Ore Market
17:00 -18:00 Steel Consumption
----Downstream Users from Real Estate, Infrastructure Construction and Machinery Industries
★  China's Domestic Steel Demand in 2017
★  Will Steel Export Still Have Potential?
★  Will Real Estate Industry See Adjustment Again?
★  Discussion on Infrastructure Construction and Machinery Industries
  Closing Summary
Day 3: Nov 4, 2016 Networking