Conference Agenda

(Preliminary, subject to the actual situation)
Day 1: June 21, 2017 Registration & Seminar
08:30-21:00 Registration
Venue: Sheraton Grand Zhengzhou Hotel
13:30-18:30 Seminar
Futures and Innovation Forum
- Internationalization of Futures Market
- Business Innovation and the Real Economy
- Futures Delivery Issue
- Interpretation of Iron Ore Warehouse Service
- Futures Pricing and Index Pricing Models
Derivatives Forum
- Differences between China and Overseas Swap
- Transactions and the Co-competition Issue
- Policy Conflict and Logical Paradox on Futures Trading Options on Futures Case
- Financial Derivatives Portfolio Tools Applications
- How to Avoid the Uncommon Traps in Risk Control?
Marine Logistics Forum
- International Situation of Crude Oil
- International Shipping Issues and Countermeasures
- The Asian Factors of Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
- The Actual State of Shipping Market and Prediction of Freight Movement
- Control of Freight Risks at Non-mainstream Ports
The Future of Steel Scrap and Financial Futures Forum
- China's Steel Scrap Resources and Problems
- Gain and Loss in Global Steel Scrap Applications
- Will China's Steel Scrap Be Exported?
- Will Short-process Steelmaking in China Be Widely Operated?
- Constraints and Standardization Steel Scrap Futures
- Will Steel Scrap and Iron Ore Respectively Take Up Reasonable Proportion in Market?
Coke & Coal Industry and Policies
- Global Coking Coal Market Outlook
- China's Supply-side Reform on Coke & Coal Industry
- Supply-demand Analysis of China's Coke & Coal Industry in H2 of 2017
- How to Resolve the Conflicts between Tight Supply of High-quality Coking Coal and Enlargement of Blast Furnace?
- Concentration Enhancement of Coal Enterprises and the Changing Trends of Pricing Model
Closed-door Meeting for China's Domestic Iron Ore Enterprises
Workshop of E-commerce and Steel Industrial Transformation
13:30—18:00 Custeel Summer Seminar on Steel Market
- The Current Situation of Production and Operation of Steel Enterprises
- The Differentiation of Steel Products
- China's Steel Market Analysis for H2 of 2017
- China's Steel Exports and Problems
- Analysis on China's Main Steel Demand
- Operations and Strategies on Steel Futures
- The Dialectic Relationship between Collapse of Raw Material Prices and Fluctuation of Steel Prices
- Operation Management and Crisis Management of Steel-related Enterprises
- Steel Industrial Chain Extension and Service Standardization
- Credit System Improvement of Steel Industry
14:00-17:00 Public Benefit Activities and Sports
Day 2: Jun 22, 2017
  Opening Address
- Xu Shishuai, Chairman, Custeel
  China Industry Changes

China Steel Industry Policy and Opportunity
- Leadership, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
Major Topics:
- Supply-side Reform Progress and Achievement of China Steel Industry
- China Steel Industry Development Characteristics and Problems
- Steel Industry De-capacity and Scientific Layout
- How do Steel Companies Implement the "Go Global" Strategy?
- Self-Discipline and Healthy Development of Steel Industry
- Operation Analysis on Global Steel Industry

  Global Market Changes and Economic Forecast
- Renowned Economist
Major Topics:
- How will International Political Changes Affect Future Economy?
- Warnings and Countermeasures of International Black Swan Event
- Has China's Economy Started a New Cycle?
- "One Belt and One Road" and China's Global Strategies
- Deleveraging in Economy and Financial Risk Prevention
- Future Economic Development and Outlook
- Survival and Opportunity under New Economy
- Other Related Topics

Policy Regulation and Real Estate Market Forecast
- Renowned Real Estate Expert
Major Topics:
- Relationship between World Economy and Real Estate
- Gains & Losses and Inspiration of Real Estate Policies in Developed Countries
- Macro-Policy Regulation and China Real Estate Market Trend
- Will the Real Estate Market with Chinese Characteristics Outshine Others?
- Positioning of Commercial Housing between Different Tier Cities
- Relationship between Population and Real Estate Policy
- When Will the Turning Point of Real Estate Market Appear?
- Landmark Significance of Xiongan New Area

  Meso Changes
  Ferrous Metal Market's Financial Characteristics and Trend
- Famous Expert
Major Topics:
- Financial Trend of Ferrous Metal Market
- External Relation and Inner Logic of Commodity Spot and Futures Markets
- Application Strategy and Transform of Financial Derivatives
- Opposites and Unity of the Analysis on Fundamental and Technical Side
Transformation & Upgrading of Steel Companies and New Economy
- Leadership, Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd
Steel Company's Operation Situation, Layout and Operation Mode Innovation
- Leadership, Top China Steel Mill
Market Logic and Analysis Under Increasing Global Iron Ore Supply
- Zhuang Binjun, Group Manager of Business Development, FMG
Discussion on Miners' Operation and Cooperation
- To be Advised, Famous Oversea Mining Company
China Domestic Ore Miners' Gains, Losses and Problems
- To be Advised, Industry Association
  Global Insight
Thoughts on China Steel Companies' Oversea Layout
- To be Advised, Famous Steel Company
Future Development of International Iron Ore Market
- To be Advised, Famous International Investment Bank
  Combination Between Industry and Finance
Finance Innovation and Combination Between Industry & Finance
- To be Advised, A Famous Institution
  Investment and Trade
Major Asset Allocation In 2017-2019
- To be Advised, Expert from Investment Institution
Finance, Foreign Exchange Rate and Bulk Commodity Market Trend
- Fu Peng, Fund Manager, Hong Kong Langrun Assets Management Co., Ltd
Trading Logics and Strategy of Ferrous Metal Market
- To be Advised, Expert from Famous Investment Institution
  Panel Discussion on Transaction Research
Guests: Researchers and Dealers
- Middle and Long-term Trend of Global Bulk Commodity Market
- Major Contradictions of Ferrous Metal Market in 2017
- How to Evaluate the Influence of American Factors on Bulk Commodity Market?
- How Will the Trading Strategies of Ferrous Metal Futures Market Change in H2?
- Will the International Black Swan Event Affect the Commodities and Exchange Rate?
- Topicality and Industrial Chain
- How will the Merger & Acquisitions of Global Exchanges Affect Commodity Pricing?
- Q & A of Hot Topics

Panel Discussion on Insight from Related Companies
Guests: Steel Companies and Distribution Firms
- Discussion on Companies' Operation Essence and Problems in 2017
- How will the Deleveraging Affect Entity Enterprises?
- Steel Mills' Purchasing Strategies under Sharp Market Fluctuations
- Why do Miners Still Dominate Pricing Policy after the Supply and Demand Reversion?
- Iron Ore Price Forecast in H2 Why do Oversea Miners Refuse to Use Chinese Index?
- What Opinions do We Have on Steel Export Decline and International Production Expansion?
- Application Strategies of Financial Derivatives of Entity Enterprises


Panel Discussion on Miners' Future Development
Guests: International and Domestic Iron Ore Miners
- Production Expansion of International Mainstream and Non-Mainstream Miners
- Is the Structural Imbalance of Iron Ore Market a Pseudo-Proposition?
- Discussion on Falling Costs of Miners and the Balanced Point of Price
- Rising Freight's Comprehensive Influence on International Miners
- Production Resumption Situation and Characteristics of Domestic Ore Miners in H1
- Safety and Environmental Protection Measures' Influence on the Future Production Resumption of Miners
- Operational Effectiveness and Cost Control of China Mining Companies
- Iron Ore Market Outlook in H2

  Market Insight
Ferrous Metal Market Forecast after Sharp Fluctuation
- To be Advised, Analyst from Custeel