International Steel & Minerals Conference 2017

The “International Steel & Minerals Conference 2017" is to be hosted by Custeel and Anyang Iron & Steel Group and co-organized by Umetal at Sheraton Grand Hotel in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, during Jun 21-23, 2017.

China’s economy was off to a good start in the first quarter of 2017 with global recovering economic vitality. With the implementation of eliminating excessive capacity, de-stocking and deleveraging, the supply-side reform has continued getting results. Industrial capacity utilization kept moving up ... [More][Download Brochure]

Attendees in Past Events

Xiang Songzuo
Renowned Economist
Ma Guangyuan
Renowned Economist
Wang Liqun
Vice Chairman, CISA
Guan Qingyou
Chief Economist, Minsheng Wealth
Li Xunlei
Vice-President and Chief Economist, Haitong Securities
Zhao Minge
Deputy General Manager, Shougang Group
Wang Fenghai
General Manager, Dalian Commodity Exchange
Lang Yongchun
Vice President,
Wang Yidong
General Manager, Ansteel Group Corporation
Antony Pridd
Senior Manager, FMG

Conference Agenda

(Preliminary, subject to the actual situation)
Day 1: June 21, 2017 Registration & Seminar
08:30-21:00 Registration
Venue: Sheraton Grand Zhengzhou Hotel
13:30-18:30 Seminar
Futures and Innovation Forum
- Internationalization of Futures Market
- Business Innovation and the Real Economy
- Futures Delivery Issue
- Interpretation of Iron Ore Warehouse Service
- Futures Pricing and Index Pricing Models
Derivatives Forum
- Differences between China and Overseas Swap
- Transactions and the Co-competition Issue
- Policy Conflict and Logical Paradox on Futures Trading Options on Futures Case
- Financial Derivatives Portfolio Tools Applications
- How to Avoid the Uncommon Traps in Risk Control?
Marine Logistics Forum
- International Situation of Crude Oil
- International Shipping Issues and Countermeasures
- The Asian Factors of Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
- The Actual State of Shipping Market and Prediction of Freight Movement
- Control of Freight Risks at Non-mainstream Ports
The Future of Steel Scrap and Financial Futures Forum
- China's Steel Scrap Resources and Problems
- Gain and Loss in Global Steel Scrap Applications
- Will China's Steel Scrap Be Exported?
- Will Short-process Steelmaking in China Be Widely Operated?
- Constraints and Standardization Steel Scrap Futures
- Will Steel Scrap and Iron Ore Respectively Take Up Reasonable Proportion in Market?
Coke & Coal Industry and Policies
- Global Coking Coal Market Outlook
- China's Supply-side Reform on Coke & Coal Industry
- Supply-demand Analysis of China's Coke & Coal Industry in H2 of 2017
- How to Resolve the Conflicts between Tight Supply of High-quality Coking Coal and Enlargement of Blast Furnace?
- Concentration Enhancement of Coal Enterprises and the Changing Trends of Pricing Model
Closed-door Meeting for China's Domestic Iron Ore Enterprises
Workshop of E-commerce and Steel Industrial Transformation
13:30—18:00 Custeel Summer Seminar on Steel Market
- The Current Situation of Production and Operation of Steel Enterprises
- The Differentiation of Steel Products
- China's Steel Market Analysis for H2 of 2017
- China's Steel Exports and Problems
- Analysis on China's Main Steel Demand
- Operations and Strategies on Steel Futures
- The Dialectic Relationship between Collapse of Raw Material Prices and Fluctuation of Steel Prices
- Operation Management and Crisis Management of Steel-related Enterprises
- Steel Industrial Chain Extension and Service Standardization
- Credit System Improvement of Steel Industry
14:00-17:00 Public Benefit Activities and Sports
Day 2: Jun 22, 2017
  Opening Address
- Xu Shishuai, Chairman, Custeel
  China Industry Changes

China Steel Industry Policy and Opportunity
- Leadership, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
Major Topics:
- Supply-side Reform Progress and Achievement of China Steel Industry
- China Steel Industry Development Characteristics and Problems
- Steel Industry De-capacity and Scientific Layout
- How do Steel Companies Implement the "Go Global" Strategy?
- Self-Discipline and Healthy Development of Steel Industry
- Operation Analysis on Global Steel Industry

  Global Market Changes and Economic Forecast
- Renowned Economist
Major Topics:
- How will International Political Changes Affect Future Economy?
- Warnings and Countermeasures of International Black Swan Event
- Has China's Economy Started a New Cycle?
- "One Belt and One Road" and China's Global Strategies
- Deleveraging in Economy and Financial Risk Prevention
- Future Economic Development and Outlook
- Survival and Opportunity under New Economy
- Other Related Topics

Policy Regulation and Real Estate Market Forecast
- Renowned Real Estate Expert
Major Topics:
- Relationship between World Economy and Real Estate
- Gains & Losses and Inspiration of Real Estate Policies in Developed Countries
- Macro-Policy Regulation and China Real Estate Market Trend
- Will the Real Estate Market with Chinese Characteristics Outshine Others?
- Positioning of Commercial Housing between Different Tier Cities
- Relationship between Population and Real Estate Policy
- When Will the Turning Point of Real Estate Market Appear?
- Landmark Significance of Xiongan New Area

  Meso Changes
  Ferrous Metal Market's Financial Characteristics and Trend
- Famous Expert
Major Topics:
- Financial Trend of Ferrous Metal Market
- External Relation and Inner Logic of Commodity Spot and Futures Markets
- Application Strategy and Transform of Financial Derivatives
- Opposites and Unity of the Analysis on Fundamental and Technical Side
Transformation & Upgrading of Steel Companies and New Economy
- Leadership, Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd
Steel Company's Operation Situation, Layout and Operation Mode Innovation
- Leadership, Top China Steel Mill
Market Logic and Analysis Under Increasing Global Iron Ore Supply
- Zhuang Binjun, Group Manager of Business Development, FMG
Discussion on Miners' Operation and Cooperation
- To be Advised, Famous Oversea Mining Company
China Domestic Ore Miners' Gains, Losses and Problems
- To be Advised, Industry Association
  Global Insight
Thoughts on China Steel Companies' Oversea Layout
- To be Advised, Famous Steel Company
Future Development of International Iron Ore Market
- To be Advised, Famous International Investment Bank
  Combination Between Industry and Finance
Finance Innovation and Combination Between Industry & Finance
- To be Advised, A Famous Institution
  Investment and Trade
Major Asset Allocation In 2017-2019
- To be Advised, Expert from Investment Institution
Finance, Foreign Exchange Rate and Bulk Commodity Market Trend
- Fu Peng, Fund Manager, Hong Kong Langrun Assets Management Co., Ltd
Trading Logics and Strategy of Ferrous Metal Market
- To be Advised, Expert from Famous Investment Institution
  Panel Discussion on Transaction Research
Guests: Researchers and Dealers
- Middle and Long-term Trend of Global Bulk Commodity Market
- Major Contradictions of Ferrous Metal Market in 2017
- How to Evaluate the Influence of American Factors on Bulk Commodity Market?
- How Will the Trading Strategies of Ferrous Metal Futures Market Change in H2?
- Will the International Black Swan Event Affect the Commodities and Exchange Rate?
- Topicality and Industrial Chain
- How will the Merger & Acquisitions of Global Exchanges Affect Commodity Pricing?
- Q & A of Hot Topics

Panel Discussion on Insight from Related Companies
Guests: Steel Companies and Distribution Firms
- Discussion on Companies' Operation Essence and Problems in 2017
- How will the Deleveraging Affect Entity Enterprises?
- Steel Mills' Purchasing Strategies under Sharp Market Fluctuations
- Why do Miners Still Dominate Pricing Policy after the Supply and Demand Reversion?
- Iron Ore Price Forecast in H2 Why do Oversea Miners Refuse to Use Chinese Index?
- What Opinions do We Have on Steel Export Decline and International Production Expansion?
- Application Strategies of Financial Derivatives of Entity Enterprises


Panel Discussion on Miners' Future Development
Guests: International and Domestic Iron Ore Miners
- Production Expansion of International Mainstream and Non-Mainstream Miners
- Is the Structural Imbalance of Iron Ore Market a Pseudo-Proposition?
- Discussion on Falling Costs of Miners and the Balanced Point of Price
- Rising Freight's Comprehensive Influence on International Miners
- Production Resumption Situation and Characteristics of Domestic Ore Miners in H1
- Safety and Environmental Protection Measures' Influence on the Future Production Resumption of Miners
- Operational Effectiveness and Cost Control of China Mining Companies
- Iron Ore Market Outlook in H2

  Market Insight
Ferrous Metal Market Forecast after Sharp Fluctuation
- To be Advised, Analyst from Custeel

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